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Identify Stains

Identify Stains

Send Stain Sample for Testing




Follow the simple steps outlined below

In order to choose the best analytical approach, selecting a good representative sample to be sent for analysis is one of the most important steps in the investigation.


  • The best sample is a portion of the virgin stain still on the substrate, where no cleaning attempts have been made (carpet, wood, countertop, fabric, minimum  1”x 1” piece).  A reference sample of the substrate with no stain is very useful for comparison. Place sample in a plastic zip-lock bag or a sealed vial.

  • If cutting is not possible, snips of the fibers from the carpet, or fibers from the wood that still preserves the original stain can be sent to the laboratory for analysis. Place sample is a plastic zip-lock bag or a sealed vial.

  • If the actual material with the stain cannot be removed from the location and sent for analysis, a transfer method to displace material from the stain on a appropriate media should be used (e.g. a synthetic wipe soaked in isopropanol and/or water. The choice of water or alcohol is dependent upon the solubility of the material from the stain and both options for the same stain should be used for sampling); rub the stain vigorously with the wipe, observing if the transfer has been successful.  Place the wipe in a plastic zip-lock bag or a sealed vial. It is best to be shipped overnight on ice.


Price:  Starting at $315/sample
(For assigned target analytes; inquire for price for identification of unknown agents).


Send labeled sample along with the completed Stain Testing Data Sheet (Link?). Be sure to include payment information and chosen turnaround for results. Submit to EMSL Analytical, Inc. via overnight delivery by UPS or FedEx.


To learn more about stain testing please contact EMSL at 1-800-220-3675 or

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